Our Principles


Utilizing the latest CNC controlled equipment laser cutting machinery and ancillary plant we are able to offer the ultimate manufacturing flexibility, eliminating many of the traditional complex tools and their associated costs.

The sheer size of our manufacturing enterprise allows us to supply many lines from stock which supports both large production companies and smaller engineering firms.

In line with our policy of anticipating customer needs into the future we are constantly reviewing our plant and equipment with a view to operating as much as possible the latest and most advanced technology and equipment.


As the needs of our customers are constantly changing, we are continuously upgrading our manufacturing facilities to incorporate the latest technologies from around the world.

We have incorporated the latest CNC Technology together with state of the art laser cutting equipment, metal pressing multi slide equipment and power press equipment to manufacture the broad range of specialized products for our wide customer base.


Our uncompromising commitment to quality and customer service ensures that the production outcome is in full compliance with our Quality System. This System is audited on a regular basis which allows us to keep pace with world standards such as ISO9001. Processes to support our system include:

Online Inspection

All products are visually and mechanically inspected at various stages of on-line production to ensure quality standards are met and there is full compliance with customer specifications.

Kanban Scheduling

We understand our customers requirements, and work closely with our customers requirements through installed Kanban systems.

Specific Customer Requirements

Our quality system allows National Industries to satisfy specific customer requirements no matter how simple or complex.


Our service is the end result of the partnership which we have established with our customers and suppliers which enhances our capability to bring quality and professionalism to every product we manufacture. This is matched by our commitment to ensure products are delivered on time, every time and as economically as possible.